Same-sex Wedding of two Wine Lovers

Meet our dear grooms From our first e-mail we knew that we would not be able to wait for Harper and Matt to come to Croatia, so we could meet them in person. From the start they were so open and honest, that you simply must love them! Their passion about each other, about their […]

Help! Where are my Vows?

The time has come for you to sit down and write your vows? Do you feel pressured because you want your vows to be perfect? You have so many things to say but the right words are just not coming to you? Maybe you think you are not a good writer? Then you came to […]

Symbolic Wedding – no Documents, no Hassle

Have you decided for destination wedding in Croatia, but numerous documents necessary for the wedding abroad intimidate you? Or have you already legally married in your home country, but didn’t hold a wedding ceremony? Symbolic wedding might be the right choice for you! Symbol of Love Symbolic wedding symbolizes the promise of love, but without […]

Elopement – is it Simple as it Seems?

Elope to Croatia In between many romantic venues for your wedding in Croatia, there is one alternative – elopement. Elopement to Croatia is becoming very popular among young newlyweds. There are various reasons why people choose to elope: the venue is already booked, tight budget, families always disagree, newlyweds are in hurry to get married […]

Modern Wedding Venue is Romantic

Ever Thought about Modern Wedding Venue in Croatia? Few days before Valentine’s Day we celebrated love in the restaurant “Sopravento”. Modern design and romantic atmosphere merge in this venue. Have you ever considered a modern venue for your wedding in Croatia? Read below why the newlyweds chose this modern wedding venue in Croatia to celebrate […]

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Important things you should know when planning a wedding Do you have problems in organizing your wedding? You don’t have time to do it on your own? Are there a lot of venues you cannot pick from? Is there decoration which you are not sure will suit the ambient? Or are you just missing some […]