Wedding Budget Details & Advices

Wedding Budget Details & Advices

Just like any wedding planner, a wedding planner in Croatia will tell you that wedding budget is one of the most important aspects of your wedding, no matter the extent of the budget. Newlyweds are eager to start planning their wedding in Croatia without holding anything back, but wedding budget is of paramount importance in setting the frame for the whole planning process.

In this article we have touched on a few points and offer our advices while considering wedding and the budget.

Define the Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget should be defend early on, before starting to plan the wedding.

First newlyweds must define the source of the wedding budget – will the newlyweds solely cover the expenses or are the parents or relatives lending their hand also? It might not feel natural at all, but if anyone else will help in covering the expenses, then newlyweds must consult him as soon as possible to determine in what extent is he planning to participate. If their share is unknown, it may lead to major changes in the wedding planning down the road.

To relieve the unpleasantness of confronting the relatives with the question regarding budget, it is recommended to approach bride’s and groom’s families separately. Or if it can be foreseen how much can a family contribute, then it might be better to avoid directly discussing the wedding budget, but instead discuss financing of various aspects of the wedding, such as a dinner, decoration or music.

Setting the guest count and wedding budget are primary decisions that newlyweds must make before starting to choose their wedding venue in Croatia. Defining the wedding budget enables you to set the priorities for the wedding planning process.

Wedding Planning Priorities

Wedding Dinner and Beverage are usually the major expenses of the wedding.

All newlyweds have their dream wedding and some priorities. Regardless of hiring a wedding planner or undertaking the wedding planning single-handedly, you should decide which three aspects of your wedding in Croatia must be impeccable, regardless of their price! Somebody considers dinner and wine quality as the most important part of their wedding, while another newlywed might argue that music is the cornerstone of their wedding celebration.

After newlyweds decide on their priorities, they will be able to check if the budget can realize those priorities. If required, expenses can be cut on other, less important items.

Dinner and Beverage are the Major Wedding Expenses

Wedding venue, i.e. lunch or dinner and beverage are the greatest expenses of each wedding. Adjusting guest count greatly affects this expense. Keep in mind that venues impose a minimum number of guests. Still opting for a different wedding venue can also affect the price, because smaller venue requires less decoration or simpler music and lightning equipment.

Wedding Expenses Allocation

To keep the wedding expenses under control, newlyweds adjust various aspects of their wedding. E.g. newlyweds choose DJ instead of a whole band, they choose simpler decoration and lightning equipment, decoration price can be strongly regulated by the flower choice. Seasonal flowers, which are much easier to come by and transport are also much cheaper than exotic arrangements.

Diagram in the shape of the dissected wedding ring represents the wedding expenses distribution.

The attached diagram in the shape of the dissected wedding ring represents the wedding expenses distribution. Such distribution is standard for a wedding with 50 to 200 guests. Although the diagram displays the standard expenses distribution, the total price is more complicated to come by, because of unlooked-for and unexpected variations.

Final Wedding Price Fluctuation

Final Wedding Price can be adjusted by making changes to the flower arrangement selection.

Final wedding price can fluctuate for numerous reasons, not listed in brochures. It is especially common with a destination wedding to leave an aspect of the wedding overlooked. E.g. you can never truly grasp of the wedding venue until you visit and spend time on the venue. Because of that it is advisable to hire a wedding planner who has a lot of experience with organizing weddings and events at the venue that you take interest in.

It is recommended to allocate ten percent of the budget just-in-case, because you never know when a certain item may change. If newlyweds decided in the last minute that they would like to add more flowers to the arrangement, or if it happens that more guests need transportation, the wedding price will rise. In that case it is immensely useful to have a rain-check budget to buffer any additional expenses.

Having access to the local wedding planner is so important that even if you hire an abroad wedding planner, she will communicate and plan everything in accordance with the local planner.

The Most Expensive Wedding is a Poorly Organized Wedding.

Store Wedding Budget Separately

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Sometimes unexpected expenses arise in newlyweds’ private lives, unrelated to the wedding. Then it may seem a good idea to reach and spend a bit of the accumulated wedding budget. We recommend creating a separate bank account early on. Use this account to deposit the wedding budget. This way it is easier to keep the budget in check by not mixing it with other living and private expenses.

The Most Expensive Wedding is a Poorly Organized Wedding

It is important to lay the good foundation for the wedding early on, because later, as the ceremony approaches, it might be easier to raise the budget or even take a loan if necessary, than to change a key aspect of the wedding. Wedding planners at Flammeum pay special attention to details and make effort to timely remind you of any possible shortfalls. You may wish to check price of the wedding planner in Croatia, but keep in mind that the most expensive and time-consuming wedding is a poorly organized wedding. We are here to make sure that you remain in control of the planning process.

We hope that this article will help you get a better grasp of your wedding budget and expenses, and ultimately to create a joyful and relaxed wedding which you deserve!

Author: Eneja