Wonderful Same-sex Destination Wedding of two Wine Lovers and World Travelers

Same-sex Wedding of two Wine Lovers

Meet our dear grooms

From our first e-mail we knew that we would not be able to wait for Harper and Matt to come to Croatia, so we could meet them in person. From the start they were so open and honest, that you simply must love them! Their passion about each other, about their job, about countries they visit and about people they meet is astonishing. Because of that the planning of their same-sex wedding was an unforgettable adventure.

Matt & Harper guided us with their brilliant ideas

Same-sex couples and their weddings are sometimes considered as the ‘Elephant in the room’. But we leave such views to others. To us, our newlyweds are all the same. Instead of considering their genders, we understand that love that newlyweds hold for each other is the cornerstone of the wedding! Our goal is to organize a wedding in such way that it will always be remembered and cherished. With Matt and Harper, it wasn’t hard at all. They had amazing ideas and great style. And most importantly, their wedding truly reflected their genuine passion for each other.

Seaside villa hosted the wedding

Wonderful Destination Wedding of two Wine Lovers and World Travelers

Harper’s and Matt’s wedding took place in the pink villa on the coast of Istria. Initially Matt & Harper visited few venues and considered different styles. This villa had a special place in their hearts since they first saw it. After visiting other venues, they decided to bring their family and friends to a celebration in this villa.

It is an elegant and sophisticated villa. Only space separating villa from the sea is occupied by well-maintained garden. On this venue our grooms have exchanged their vows and had a wedding party which no one will easily forget. DJ played the greatest hits, while the guests took their shoes off, so they could party till the morning!

Matching suits

Wonderful Destination Wedding of two Wine Lovers and World Travelers

For the ceremony, the grooms were both casually dressed and incredibly stylish. They had the matching jeans, with the tuxedo blazers on top. Their bowties were colorful and cheerful, matching their personalities. Only photos can show how magnificently the pink hall complemented their walk down the aisle. With smiles on their face, guests were extremely proud and emotional during the wedding ceremony.

Sommeliers’ corner

During the evening, the guests had a chance to visit the small basement. There they had a chance to taste delicious wines, which our grooms chose for the celebration. Have we already mentioned that Matt & Harper are also avid sommeliers?

Gorgeous sunset prepared everyone for the electrifying party

Wonderful Destination Wedding of two Wine Lovers and World Travelers

Wedding table centerpieces were all grey-white, combined with green elements. It seemed simple, but proved to be glamourous in the villa. We must say that decoration completed the picture of their elegance. Nothing can beat the stunning sea view from the garden and gorgeous sunset. Twinkly string lights and glowing LOVE sign emphasized the electric atmosphere in the garden after the sunset.

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Author: Sanela

Photography: Studio DT

Decoration: Studio Brzak