Eneja Medica-Viola and Sanela Krizmanić are wedding planners 
                in Flammeum - wedding planning agency in Croatia.

The Flammeum Story

Agency Flammeum was founded by Eneja Medica-Viola and Sanela Krizmanić, business partners, colleagues, and above everything else, friends. Their love and passion towards wedding planning encouraged them to found their own agency, Flammeum. Agency offers its Istrian based wedding planning services to the newlyweds throughout the world.

Our Agency’s Name

It was inspired by the ancient Roman word flammeum, which refers to the bright yellow bridal veil. Ancient Romans believed that the veil had the power to protect the bride against evil spirits and accidents, which symbolically presents our service.

Our Mission

To realize our newlyweds’ dreams about their destination wedding in Istria.

We lead the newlyweds through every step of their destination wedding planning. We strive to become their friends, inspiration and their counselor for decoration, music, flowers, gastronomy and beauty in general. Numerous challenges are in the way of creating a great wedding. Our experience and local knowledge proved to be the cornerstones of our wedding planning process.

Sanela Krizmanić - Flammeum wedding planner


Following her college education, Sanela started her journey to the world of business in banking sector. Although successful at her job, she decided to leave her daily routine, so she could follow her passion towards wedding. Sanela is self-initative, proactive, always ready to pack her case and set off to conquer a new destination. Professional, communicative and patient, she understands the newlyweds’ wishes and cooperates in their realization. Newlyweds adore her approach and entrust her their desires and visions with ease. Sanela helps the newlyweds to fully express their creativity and have a good time doing it.

Eneja Medica-Viola - Flammeum wedding planner


Eneja started to acquire experience in the world of weddings while attending the wedding planner educational training, which showed her all of the glamour in this business. Eneja has a master’s degree in Economics, which enables her to successfully develop business ideas. When combining her enthusiasm towards weddings and knowledge of Economics the motivation to found the wedding planning agency was born. Her goal orientation and perfectionism, but also her sense of aesthetics and attention to detail greatly contributes to the team efficacy. Her business and organizational skills, experience and even her emotions Eneja invests in every aspect of wedding planning, in order to turn the newlyweds’ dreams to unforgettable moments.

Eneja Medica-Viola - Flammeum wedding planner
Vedran Medica-Viola - Flammeum wedding planner


Behind our visual identity stands irreplaceable team member, Vedran. He has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Economics, but his readiness to learn, creativity and love for photography and web design have found the connection with our agency. Always kind and open-minded, Vedran is a great support in every moment.