FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Weddings in Croatia

Read about questions that clients usually ask us about wedding planning and coordination. If you can’t find an answer to your question, then it may be a question of specific nature or it simply hasn’t been asked frequently. In that case don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wedding planner will help you accomplish what you have imagined for your wedding day. If you are not sure where to start, who to contact, how to make it happen, or simply don’t have enough time to do it alone – we are here to help you.

Newlyweds are usually not aware of all the details which need to be considered when planning a wedding and are usually not aware of the full budget required for the wedding. So even if you know exactly what you want, the wedding planner will advise you and point you in the right direction.

Newlyweds often ask family members and friends for help, but they tend to make suggestions according to their own taste and thus unintentionally step away from the newlyweds’ dreams. On the contrary, wedding planner is a professional, who will listen only to your wishes and put them before all else. Wedding planner is also sure to make the wedding planning process feel as simple as going to shopping!

For more opinions you can read our blog Why Hire a Wedding Planner.

Of course you can! Actually, the supplier choice is entirely in your hands. We always suggest more than one vendor and we point out why we consider certain vendor a better fit for your wedding. But you always have the last word to pick the vendor that suits your style, or whose price you consider the most competent.

If you have already booked a venue or few vendors, that is not an issue! We will still help you find and book the rest of the needed vendors. We will also coordinate them on your wedding day. Your only assignment for the wedding will be to say ‘I do’ and to enjoy time with your friends and family.

Sometimes newlyweds prefer to book a photographer, videographer, musician or other vendors from their own country. Only issue with booking an international vendor is a bit higher vendor’s price, due to travel and equipment transport cost. That being said, we have had great experiences working with vendors from abroad.

If you are having a hard time choosing a venue, we can offer help in two ways: fill out the venue survey, or contact us.

The short venue survey will narrow down the venue choice for you. You are not obliged to leave us your e-mail or to subscribe.

By contacting us, you can tell us your wishes and expectations of the venue, the expected guest count and preferred dates, so we could suggest a venue. Usually when the newlyweds can’t decide between few venues, we arrange a venue tour for them. During the tour, the newlyweds also get a chance to meet us and discuss everything in person.

Most of the high-end venues have their own in-house event coordinator. But there are some important differences between an in-house coordinator and a wedding planner.

Venue coordinator is responsible for every detail closely related to the venue, such as food and beverage and restaurant conditions. But coordinator isn’t responsible for the vendors, the wedding day coordination and the whole timeline! On the other hand, the wedding planner must make sure that every vendor knows when and where he is supposed to be. Wedding planner is in charge of the timeline and making sure everything follows the timeline.

Wedding planner is accessible almost 24/7. If you urgently need to make changes to the schedule, you can simply call the planner. On the other hand, the venue coordinator doesn’t need to make himself available outside working hours. Wedding coordinator will usually have many other weddings and events to coordinate simultaneously, while we limit ourselves to a single wedding or event per day.

Besides that, a wedding planner is not bound by the venue. That means that a wedding planner can suggest a more suited venue or vendors.

Yes, we do! There are many same-sex weddings organized in Croatia and they are well accepted. Croatia recognizes same-sex marriage, so civil same-sex marriage can be organized. We enjoy working with the same-sex couples in making their wedding day come true. We already have experience with same-sex weddings. You can read about it on our blog or view galleries.

We make no difference between same-sex wedding and other weddings. The bottom line is: if you can provide love, you will have a great wedding in Croatia, regardless of the gender!

Yes, we will, because wedding organization also includes a wedding day coordination. It means that you receive the whole package. During the wedding organization period, from the point when you first contact us until the wedding day, we will be contacting and meeting with the vendors for you, sending you different offers, arranging and confirming offers, following the budget, preparing the timeline, ensuring everything is ready for the wedding day. On the wedding day, we will also be there to make sure everything is done according to the schedule.

Very often a problem arises in the last minute, but we are there to take care of it. Just consider what it would be like for the newlyweds to find out that a musician can’t put up his stage because a light vendor or a decorator took too much space for their equipment. If such issues arise, you won’t even notice it, because we are there to double check everything and deal with every issue.

To sum it up, we coordinate your wedding day, so you could carelessly enjoy every minute of it!

There are two wedding planners in Flammeum. It is very hard to predict if a wedding planner won’t be able to attend a wedding due to the higher power, such as sickness. Because of that we always schedule two wedding planners to attend every wedding and event, although one would suffice.

We have a strict rule against booking any date for two separate weddings or events. We also have a policy of two wedding planners always attending each wedding. Due to these rules we don’t book coordination of various weddings on the same date.

Wedding planning is a complex process, which requires much effort, regardless of the guest count being small or huge. That made us recognize that higher number of weddings per year would make our service’s quality go down. Above everything else we strive to provide services of the highest quality, so because of that we limit ourselves to 30 weddings per year.

This lets us make a promise that if you let us plan your wedding, we will give our best effort for the planning and coordination and be available to you at any time.

The budget entirely depends on your wishes and the wedding type. Wedding venue will be the biggest cost. Therefore, we are unable to make a rough price estimate of the whole wedding prior to choosing the venue, food and beverage.

Additional costs like the decoration, photographer, videographer, musicians, lightening, etc. can all be adjusted to your budget. We will always give you an idea of how much can each vendor cost, what could be included in your budget, or how much will you need to spend for something that you have seen on the photos of another wedding.

First it is best to define a preliminary budget, and we will make sure to keep the costs close to it. Keep in mind that costs can vary up to 10% during planning, because newlyweds often change their preferred vendor or some aspect of the wedding.

Best time to start planning a wedding is at least 12 to 18 months ahead. It would give you enough time to calmly consider all vendors and pick those which you like. It is also easier to find available venues one year ahead.

If you don’t have that much time on your hands, then the best answer is to start as soon as possible, as soon as you decide when you want to have a wedding.

Civil wedding is a legal wedding. Symbolic wedding lacks the legal power, and as such it doesn’t require any documentation. Nonetheless the symbolic wedding may contain all elements of civil wedding: vows, exchanging of rings, religious elements and songs, etc. Symbolic wedding can be organized in such a way that guests don’t even notice the difference between symbolic and civil wedding. Symbolic wedding can even contain an actor instead of a registrar.

Newlyweds usually opt for a symbolic wedding if they are already legally married, but haven’t held a wedding ceremony or if they simply prefer not to bother with the foreign documentation. There are many advantages of symbolic wedding. You can read more about those advantages on our blog Symbolic Wedding – no Documents, no Hassle.

You can start by contacting us through the contact form on our webpage. Here you can give us more information about your wedding, on which date would you want to have it, how many guests are expected, do you have any special wishes etc. From here we will lead you further towards choosing the venue, vendors etc.

Of course we can! It is on the list of our packages. We can plan a brunch for welcoming your guests. We could also plan a cocktail party in the early evening, before the wedding day. If you prefer something more casual, we can plan the boat trip for your guests or a simple barbecue gathering. The type of the event entirely depends on your choice how you want to welcome your guests and thank them for coming. Even if you don’t have an idea, we can suggest few ideas and help you pick the best one.

Flammeum wedding planning agency specializes in the Istrian region and Kvarner. At this moment, we don’t offer our wedding planning services in other parts of Croatia.