Symbolic wedding in Croatia lets newlyweds organize the wedding without having to go through any hassle because of dealing with the documents

Symbolic Wedding – no Documents, no Hassle

Have you decided for destination wedding in Croatia, but numerous documents necessary for the wedding abroad intimidate you? Or have you already legally married in your home country, but didn’t hold a wedding ceremony? Symbolic wedding might be the right choice for you!

Symbol of Love

Exchange of rings and other traditional ceremony elements can be included or left out, according to newlyweds' wishes.

Symbolic wedding symbolizes the promise of love, but without legal power. This grants newlyweds freedom to express their style through the ceremony and wedding party. The ceremony can be adjusted to the newlyweds’ desires and have formal or informal atmosphere. The ceremony may contain vows, exchange of rings, religious elements and songs… but you can leave them out if you want! Whole ceremony may be set up in such a way that guests don’t even suspect that the wedding isn’t “real”, while you feel like saying “Yes” for the first time!

Venue choice becomes limited in case of church wedding. On the other hand, there are many more venues that can accommodate symbolic wedding.

Dealing with the documentation necessary to legalize a wedding abroad can be very time consuming. Symbolic wedding doesn’t require any documentation, leaving more time on your hands to organize a dream wedding. There is no need to hire an actual registrar or call a priest for symbolic wedding. If newlyweds wish so, an experienced actor can replace them.

Symbolic Wedding has many Advantages

  1. it spares time spent on gathering all documents,
  2. spares money which is otherwise needed for registrar,
  3. offers greater freedom while picking venue and wedding date and
  4. it lets the wedding keep its personality, without limitation.

Weighing out Pros and Cons of Symbolic Wedding

Symbolic wedding in Croatia leaves enough freedom for newlyweds to organize ceremony according to their style - the atmosphere can be formal or informal.

The single most notable disadvantage of symbolic wedding is the lack of legal power. Signing legal documents is not part of the symbolic wedding.

You should weigh the advantages and disadvantages and decide whether you wish your destination wedding in Croatia to be symbolic, church or civil. If you need help to decide or have already decided, but need help with wedding organization, contact us.

Flammeum team has a lot of experience in organizing destination weddings in Croatia. If you are not sure should you hire a wedding planner, you can find out about all benefits of hiring a wedding planner!

Author: Eneja