The newlyweds are eloping because they want full privacy for their wedding ceremony

Elopement – is it Simple as it Seems?

Elope to Croatia

Elopement is for newlyweds and closest family and friends only. Usually only maid of honor and best man accompany the eloping newlyweds.

In between many romantic venues for your wedding in Croatia, there is one alternative – elopement. Elopement to Croatia is becoming very popular among young newlyweds. There are various reasons why people choose to elope: the venue is already booked, tight budget, families always disagree, newlyweds are in hurry to get married or they simply don’t want the wedding planning to become cumbersome.

There are many other reasons to elope. Whether you can relate to any stated reason or not, you have to ask yourself: how much more romantic and adventurous can a wedding become than the elopement one? If you want to elope but in doubt whether you are ready, there is no need to worry. We have prepared 7 simple rules that can guide you through elopement, without hassle.

Plan your Elopement

It might seem like the easiest choice, but even eloping demands planning and here is how:

  1. Think about people that are going to be present. Elopement accepts only the closest handful of your family and friends; usually only the maid of honor and best man. Pick only a few closest or don’t tell anyone – you decide!
  2. It is necessary to book a photographer weeks before the wedding. Surely you can find a friend with a professional camera and enough experience to document your big day. However, we recommend booking a local professional. He knows all the secret corners of your wedding venue and he knows how to capture the perfect shot, which will capture not just the venue, but your emotions as well!
  3. Pick a venue that resonates with your relationship in certain way. It is all right if you want to do get married in the city hall, but that is not the only option!
  4. Find an adequate priest or registrar who will lead you into the marriage. There are eloping packages for each venue, so that can simplify the choice for you.
  5. Look up the information about law, licenses, paperwork and everything else relevant to legalizing the marriage in your home country.
  6. The best way not to miss anything is to write a list of everything you need on the wedding day. You have to bear in mind everything, no matter how obvious it might be. You have to order ahead even the rings! Also it is not the best option to write your vows the night before. Think about what you are going to wear. If you plan to travel after the ceremony make sure you organize it on time. If you insist on planning everything yourself, services like The Knot may solve many organization issues for you.
  7. And the last but not least, it is your big day – make sure you celebrate it well! Don’t let yourself spend the celebration coordinating every detail, no matter how simple elopement ceremony might be.

Great Wedding Plan is the One that Doesn’t Leave You Out

Elopement doesn't need complicated decoration, but some decoration must be present

Have you already planned and organized everything, but decorator just told you that he will not be able to get gypsophilae on time for the ceremony? Have you already made the schedule, but registrar missed the boat and won’t be able to make it in time? Because of such issues a ceremony as simple as elopement might become as demanding as 50-guest wedding.

Flammeum is agency which organizes weddings in Croatia. We have experienced many last-minute plan changes, but always found a solution. Let us help you build a wedding plan which is sure to work or coordinate your laid out plan.

Author: Sanela