Wedding Invitations and Stationery

There are many ways to personalize your wedding style. You could choose whichever music performers suit you best. You could customize the floral design or even the sweet corner. But nothing personalizes your wedding like wedding invitations and stationery! Wedding invitations are a great way to announce your wedding style and theme to your guests […]

Choosing the Wedding Music

No matter what type of a destination wedding in Croatia you plan, what wedding venue you choose and how many guests you invite, the wedding music will be a key element to create the atmosphere you desire. Therefore, choosing the music can be a real challenge. When choosing wedding music, you need to decide what […]

From Wedding Planner to the Bride

As a wedding planner in Croatia, I am often walking countless brides through every step of their destination wedding in Croatia. Despite that, I have always wondered how would I feel waking up on my own wedding day. Now I found out that the answer is – absolutely fabulous! Few months after my wedding day […]

Royal Gay Wedding in Croatia

We helped numerous brides and grooms organize their destination weddings in Croatia. Gay weddings in Croatia are quickly gaining in popularity and we are proud to present the wedding of our wonderful grooms in Opatija. From the First Date in Paris to the Wedding Arch in Istria It is said that home is where the […]

Australian-British Destination Wedding in Croatia

Destination weddings in Istria are often considered as simultaneous holiday and honeymoon. When having a destination wedding in Croatia you can extend the celebration during multiple days. But at the same time, you can also spend the most wonderful time with your family and closest friends. Natalie, the Australian bride, and Richard, the English groom, […]

Planning an Engagement in Istria

The moment has come when you have decided to propose to your significant other, but many questions arose. How to get engaged to a loved one? It is a special moment. How to make it eternal? What is the right way to say those sweet words ‘Will you marry me?’ In this article, we have […]

When a Wedding Planner Gets Married

A little over a month has passed since the wedding when I said yes to my ‘Dearest’ in the company of our families and friends. After more than seven years of experience in the role of wedding planner, it was time for me to find myself in the role of the bride. This experience gave […]

Elegant Wedding in Istria

Planning an elegant wedding in Istria is an exciting experience intertwined with a variety of emotions, starting with happiness, adrenaline, excitement. But the process of planning your destination wedding in Istria can sometimes appear very stressful. By hiring a wedding planner you get rid of doubts and stress. By doing so you grab your chance […]

How to Choose Wedding Flowers

Wedding decoration is one of the most important segments for every bride when considering her wedding day. They want to make sure that everything looks exactly like they have imagined it. It is very important to newlyweds that flower decorations amaze all guests. It is simple to find the style, photos and examples that demonstrate […]

Winter Wedding in Croatia

Summer and spring dominate the wedding schedules, but there are multiple arguments to consider a winter wedding in Croatia. We have already written about destination weddings in Croatia. We have boasted its environment and nature, crystal clear sea, cuisine, wine, and friendly locals. Naturally, we mentioned the suitability of Istrian climate for weddings. But Croatia […]

Wedding Planning and Wedding Coordination – What is the Difference?

Have you recently got engaged and started planning your destination wedding in Croatia? First steps during wedding planning can be quite vague. Not sure which items to pay more attention to? Or are you wondering if you will be able to fully carry out the whole wedding plan without any compromise? The first piece of […]

Sweet Corner at the Wedding in Croatia

Sweet corner is an unmistakable way to sweeten up a destination wedding in Croatia, both in flavor and color. Sweet corner became an unavoidable part of every wedding venue in Croatia in recent years. Newlyweds often struggle to find as many ways as possible to prepare a great feast for their guests and keep them […]

Surprise proposal and engagement in Istria

Proposal in Istria is one of the most romantic gestures and it must be unforgettable. Is there a single perfect way to surprise your partner with the engagement ring and a dreamy proposal? Of course there is. Istria offers so many options and venues with amazing views and tradition. Even if you are out of […]

Wedding in Istria

The perfect wedding in Istria starts with a simple ‘Yes’! Istria presents an irresistible combination of gorgeous nature with a great weather, hospitable locals and world-class food and wine. Weddings in Croatia offer a lot of experiences to the newlyweds and their guests. Among all of the Croatian landmarks, Istria stands out due to its […]

British Newlyweds Organized a Rustic Wedding in Istria

Our dear newlyweds Georgina and Justin from United Kingdom have searched and considered countless wedding venues around Europe before finally settling down at Breeze of Fervor. It was love at first sight! Visit their wedding gallery and video and experience how amazing was the celebration of their love! You will surely fall in love with […]

Destination Wedding in Croatia

Are you considering organizing your destination wedding in Croatia? Are you having second thoughts before making a first commitment by contacting your wedding planner? We understand that wedding day is one of the most important days of anyone’s life. It is a day which deserves to be remembered for the rest of our lives. A […]

Cancelling vs Postponing the Wedding amidst the COVID-19 situation

Whole World is currently facing the heartbreaking and unexpected COVID-19 situation. All engaged couples and the whole destination wedding community are in this together. We are all trying to figure out the best possible ways to get through it as painlessly as possible. Many newlyweds must change their destination wedding plans in this unpredictable period. […]

Wedding Budget Details & Advices

Just like any wedding planner, a wedding planner in Croatia will tell you that wedding budget is one of the most important aspects of your wedding, no matter the extent of the budget. Newlyweds are eager to start planning their wedding in Croatia without holding anything back, but wedding budget is of paramount importance in […]

Important Facts on Finding Your Wedding Venue in Croatia

You have just got engaged and starting to plan your wedding in Croatia? Even if you have been imagining and planning your wedding day since being a child, you are probably overwhelmed with the huge number of various options and possibilities at this moment and don’t have a clue where to start organizing the wedding. […]

Indian Wedding in the Heart of Istria

Exotic Indian Wedding Without any doubt, Indian wedding is one of the most exotic wedding parties! Indians are very festive. Design styles and costumes burst with many different colors. Although senses are overflown with color and sound, Indian wedding is wholesome. Traditional songs and dances tie the whole party into a harmonious event. A traditional […]