How to Choose Wedding Flowers

How to Choose Wedding Flowers

Wedding decoration is one of the most important segments for every bride when considering her wedding day. They want to make sure that everything looks exactly like they have imagined it. It is very important to newlyweds that flower decorations amaze all guests. It is simple to find the style, photos and examples that demonstrate your preferences the best.

Wedding Flowers in Croatia

Flowers can lead the way in setting the color palette for the wedding decoration. Flower arrangements influence any space they are placed in. Large, branched arrangements tend to fill up the space and achieve more intimate atmosphere. Special care should be taken to avoid placing the flower arrangements at the eye-level, because they could conceal the view between guests on opposite sides of the table.

But if the venue feels a bit crowded, then it is more desirable to go with narrow or low arrangements. Such arrangements express elegance and make the space feel more open and connected. This is useful to keep in mind while searching for a wedding venue in Istria. Even the flower vases and their placement dictate the design guidelines for the rest of the decoration. Wedding planner and decorator will match many other elements, such as the sweet corner or photo corner, to the selected flower arrangements.

But let’s start with baby steps – what are your preferences regarding flowers? Not sure even where to start? There are numerous ways to approach flower choice. In this article we are describing a few of those.

Wedding Flowers in Croatia
Wedding Flowers in Croatia
Wedding Flowers in Croatia
Wedding Flowers in Croatia

Top 10 most popular flowers at weddings in Croatia

First step is to choose which flowers you like and which flowers suite your wedding style the most. It might be easiest to look at other newlyweds’ preferences. Here are the 10 most popular flowers at weddings in Croatia:

  1. Peony
  2. Hydrangea
  3. Baby breath
  4. David Austin roses
  5. Garden roses
  6. Dahlia
  7. Orchid
  8. Lavender
  9. Olive
  10. Eucalyptus

These are the most popular wedding flowers. If you browsed that list and still can’t make your mind among multiple flowers, then it might be time to narrow down your flower choice. The next step is to eliminate some of the flower options.

Narrowing down your wedding flowers choice according to the characteristic of the flowers

When considering various wedding decoration ideas, newlyweds must take the wedding budget into account. Many wedding photoshoots that go viral on social networks, are the result of lavish or even unlimited wedding budgets. But enormous budget is not an exclusive condition to have over-the-top wedding flower arrangements. By a good communication with the decorator and clearly stating their wishes, newlyweds can achieve a lot.

There are many important factors to consider while choosing the wedding decoration. We are writing this article to help you achieve a budget relief by adjusting flower decorations, without sacrificing the amazing contribution that flowers give to the overall wedding atmosphere.

Wedding Flowers in Croatia
Wedding Flowers in Croatia
Wedding Flowers in Croatia

Cost of wedding flowers in Croatia

Flowers are often delivered from distant flower plantations. Due to that, flower price is often higher than expected. To prepare yourself for planning the wedding decoration, just remember your last visit to the local florist, to fetch a nice bouquet for a loved person. You surely remember that the florist calculated the price of the whole bouquet by summing up the prices of each flower, decorative paper and greenery. Wedding flowers price is defined just the same. Multipliers are quantity and flower types.

First step is to use local flowers if possible. But the flower transport itself is not a very complicated or expensive. It is a much more demanding feat to maintain the flowers during the transport and keep them fresh. Plants are living things and demand to be handled with care. The flower vendor must always keep the flowers in the appropriate environment. Flowers are seasonal, which means that they cannot endure each season equally. With that said, it can be expected that sourcing, transport and handling costs will go through the roof for the off-seasonal flowers. Their price can even double or triple!

Wedding Flowers in Croatia
Wedding Flowers in Croatia
Wedding Flowers in Croatia

Because of that we unexceptionally advice newlyweds to consider using seasonal flowers for their wedding in Croatia, if anyhow possible. Not just because of its lower price, but also as a type of insurance that flowers will remain fresh and vivid! Fortunately, there are a lot of different flower families and types to choose from.

Sustainability and zero-waste are increasingly strong global trends. Increasing number of newlyweds strive to keep their wedding eco-friendly and make as small impact on our planet as possible. Here you can find guidelines to design a green wedding.

Flowers can greatly impact the environmental friendliness of each wedding. If you are searching for a florist yourself, you can spot a sustainable florist by looking fo following traits:

  • Doesn’t use floral foam or plastic.
  • Sources local or ethically certified flowers.
  • Is transparent about how he works and where his flowers come from.
Wedding Flowers in Croatia
Wedding Flowers in Croatia

Choosing the appropriate flower type

To make the choice easier and help with finding the appropriate flowers for your wedding date, we have prepared the following table. It displays the seasonal availability of the commonly used flowers in alphabetical order.

Flower type
Wedding Flowers in Croatia

Are flowers irreplaceable part of the wedding in Croatia?

Flowers are often desired as a part of wedding decoration. They are a perfect instrument to add an element of dynamism to decoration. Although it may seem impossible or counter-intuitive, flowers are not irreplaceable. If newlyweds wish to style their wedding in a highly personalized and unconventional way, or if they have special needs, the wedding planner is prepared to arrange the wedding design accordingly.

Recently we organized a wedding for a bride who is allergic to flowers. We had to closely cooperate with the decorator to transform the wedding venue into our newlyweds’ dream. The decorator had to remove all flowers from their wedding decoration. The wedding was organized at the wedding venue Nature Harmony. This venue is intensely in touch with nature and newlyweds wanted to highlight that. Therefore, we had to use at least some plants while preparing the decoration. The bride had a great idea to use the cotton arrangements and it worked out very well! View their wedding gallery here.

Flower inspiration

Newlyweds put a lot of their time, effort and all of their hearts into choosing the perfect decorations. Thus, we believe that this wedding article will help every bride-to-be to find her unique style and flowers to include in her wedding decorations. There is a lot of variety in the flower types. Everyone can, without any doubt, get inspired by different flowers based on their wedding date and flower season.

Wedding Flowers in Croatia

Find a source of inspiration at social networks oriented on sharing photos, especially Pinterest and Instagram. Do not overlook also browsing the wedding blogs like Junebug Weddings, The Knot, Style Me Pretty etc. Pinterest has a great feature that lets you create boards of photos and share them with your wedding planner. To share your ideas with the planner, you may also use cloud file sharing services.

Flammeum is a wedding planning agency in Croatia. Wedding planners at Flammeum are eager to take on any new ideas and challenges in their pursuit to plan and organize unique weddings in Istria. If you have any questions regarding planning or preparing your destination wedding in Istria, do not hesitate to contact us.

Wedding Flowers in Croatia
Wedding Flowers in Croatia

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